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The Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program provides assistance to individuals with disabilities who are 18 years of age or older and are able to self-direct their own care. Through Consumer Directed Services (CDS), clients are provided state funding to compensate a family member, friend, or other chosen independent to assist them in the care they need. For some, this is preferred alternative to traditional in-home care service because the caretaker is someone they are more comfortable with.

With this program the Consumer is able to hire their own personal attendant to perform routine tasks of daily living and other tasks the Consumer is unable to perform alone, allowing the Consumer to live independently. The Consumer can choose, recruit, hire, train, and manage their Attendant. Daily living activities can include personal hygiene, toileting, dressing, grooming, bathing, housekeeping, meal preparation and transportation for shopping and errands.

The Consumer is the employer however Segnik Group Inc. as the FMSA, handles payroll issues on behalf of the Consumer.

We support all of the programs listed below anywhere in the State of Texas.

  • Community Attendant Services (CAS)

  • Community Living Support Services (CLASS)

  • Consumer First Choice (CFC)

  • Deaf-Blind Multiple Disabilities (DBMD)

  • Family Care (FC)

  • Home and Community Based Service (HCS)

  • Medically Dependent Children Program (MDCP)

  • Personal Care Services (PCS)

  • Medicaid Mutually Exclusive Services Texas Home Living

  • Fiscal Manager Services – You are the employer; you hire and manage your own employees. SEGNIK assists with the paperwork.

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